Advancing climate resilience and driving informed decision-making.


What is CROSSEU?

Our mission

The Cross-sectoral Framework for Socio-Economic Resilience to Climate Change and Extreme Events in Europe (CROSSEU) is an European Union-funded project under the Horizon Europe program, running from 2024 to 2026, that addresses the pressing challenges posed by climate change.

Our objective is to equip stakeholders with the necessary tools and insights to make well-informed decisions, adapt to climate risks, and reduce their impacts.

Our consortium is dedicated to evaluating socio-economic risks, crafting climate-sensitive frameworks, and implementing a ready-to-use Decision Support System (DSS). Through the integration of complex data and advanced modeling, CROSSEU seeks to calculate costs, enhance adaptation strategies, and manage uncertainties effectively.


Examines the impact of climate hazards on health sectors in the UK and Czech Republic.


Investigates the effects of prolonged drought on agriculture and food security in Central and Southeastern Europe.


Studies the damages caused by storms in Southwestern Denmark and Northern Germany.

Evaluates the social benefits of adaptation and mitigation measures for floods and flash floods in Northeastern Italy.


Assesses the risks associated with snow-related hazards in the European Alps and Carpathians.

Cross-sectoral multi-hazard risk

Explores the risks to socio-ecological systems in the Lower Danube region.

Indirect impacts

Analyzes the impacts of concurrent climate hazards on energy systems across Europe.

Spillover effects in Europe

Studies the transboundary effects of climate hazards on agriculture and labor productivity.

The Case Studies

The CROSSEU project will work on 8 case studies based on event-based storylines (STLs) that address various climate and socio-economic contexts within the EU and the UK. These case studies focus on four key climate hazard categories: storms, heatwaves, droughts, and snow.

15 Partners
9 Countries
6 Project components
3 Years



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